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Rules of the 'Verse... such as they are.

There are a few things to note about how my 'verse works, so it's best if I lay down the landscape staright up and facing you. While I expect players to follow the guidleines that the FSF have set up, there are a few additional things needed to be stressed.

Gameplay: We'll be using Message Boards for out posts. If there is something you do not want the other to see, as account you being sneaking and all, contact the host to work it out. A good example is when Jayne secretly called the Alliance to collect the bounty on River and Simon Tam.

Occasionally there will come a time whe you'll want to extablish more of a repartee with other folk. This might take the form of a chat. This also goes for private chats between characters. When done, split the chat session in equal, or agreed upon parts for each person to post. That way, everyone gets equal credit for posting. An example follows:

Mal Post:

I'm in a sticky situation, I think you're aware. got me a boatload of terribly strange folk making my like a little more interesting then I generally like. Chief amon them, an Alliance mole that likes to shoot at girls when he's nervous. Not, I got to know how close the Alliance is, exactly how much you told them 'fore Wash scrambled your call. So, I've given Jayned here the job of finding out.

:Jayne::pulls out a large knife::

Mal:: speaking quietly:: You only got to scare him.

Jayne::speaking normally:: Pain is scary.

Mal: do it right.

Jayne Post:

Dobson: Do you have any idea how much trouble you're in?

Jayne: Gee, I've never been in trouble with the law before.

Dobson: Not like this, you haven't. You think this is just a smuggling rap? The package that boy is carrying--

Jayne: It's a girl. Cute, too, but I don't think she's all there. 'Course not all of her has to be...'

Dobson: That girl is a precious commonity. They'll come after her. Long after you bury me, they'll be coming.

Profanity: There was a fair amount of 'colorful metaphors' in both the show and the movie, mostly involving using Chinese phrases. We're going to keep that to a minimun. Rather, we'll make sure the translations isn't quite the show. There are an awful abundance of ways to get one's meaning across, so take care to keep in mind that there may be younger folks present.

Companions: There's no restriction for having a Companion on board or as a passenger just passing through. As such, the captain, being who she is, insists on a certain degree of respect. So, unless you're aiming for a stringent reprimand from said captain, you will address the Companion with, at the least, socially neutral or polite terms. They get no extra special name-calling. If you're not sure, then you probably shouldn't use it.

Innovations: If you want to make something technology, new locations, plots, feel free to do so. Send them by way of the hosts and you'll get full credit for such.

Now, if you're not sure as to where you've been, much less where you are going, or if particular spots seem to have been taken, check out the next section for a few clues. It'll also help in the manner of letting you know just what a Captain expects as far as the little bits of protocol that's sometimes found in the black.

Character Suggestions

For those who are not sure of the path you want to take, here are a few suggestions. And, in case your brain-pan doesn't pick it up, the emphasis is on 'few' and 'suggestions.' It's best to never underestimate the power of creativity.

Alliance, Veteran: There are two flavors of veterans. On one side, you've seen every trick in the book and have made up a few that none's caught on to yet. Still, everyone has a price, and everyone plays by the system. Then there's the other side, the ones that serve the system with pride. Sure, there are bumps in the road, but that is a part of life. You see the system as a good one, even with its flaws. If everyone tried, even the flaws will be worked out. It's the journey that's important.

Alliance, Newbie: You are new to the uniform and are still so proud the creases haven't shown the slightest sign of dimming. You have the boundless energy to work hard and show the brass what you are made for. That it occasionally makes you a mark, well, you'll show them.

Alliance, Soldier: You see nothing, you hear nothing, you follow the rules and don't ask no questions.

Browncoat, Veteran: You were in the war. You lost. Some are bitter, some are still fighting. Whatever your flavor, you will always extend a helping hand to own of your own, even though the war was declared finished.

Browncoat, Newbie: Sure the battle is over, and you were too young to play any part. But you look at the meddlin' done and see how life doesn't seem so much better now that you're part of 'civilization.' You are a tad romantic, but truly conjure that a truth and a way of life died in the Valley of Serenity. You aim to take that flag just a little bit further.

Buddhist Monk: You've led a secluded life. There is a growing awareness in the temples that the Way is not known to all. And it is hard or even impossible for folk on the outlying moons and planets to trek for enlightenment. So, a few are talking a walkabout... spreading the Way around them, and finding themselves in the process.

Companions, Registered: You are refined, attractive and accomplished as a courtesan. Some might think it strange to be working your way through the Black, but you are forging new paths, whatever the reasons. The most difficult thing is, workin' in the black, is keeping your reputation whole and actual. And there are whole bunches of people who are not mindin' what you are placing at risk.

Companion, Unregistered: You have all the training, but for whatever reason, you have severed all ties with the Houses. That life, with all its rules and restrictions was not for you. You hate the pretentious and revel in a more honest way.

Computer / Electronic Specialist: A ship runs by electronic know-how and smarts. And, in the Central Planets, along with a fair chunk of the Border Worlds, the computer is the means from which business is done. A gentle tap into the Cortex, a bit of code here and there, and it's amazin' what can be found and done. And you are the person to do it.

Engineer / Mechanic: Now some say this is the most important position on a ship. Even about the Captain, though the Captain might argue the point. You keep the ship flyin' and landin', preferably in one piece. And, if you love that hunk of metal, you can hear when she's ailin' and knows when she's feelin' good. And that keeps her flyin' when she should be fallin'

Gambler: You've always have had a way with the cards, dice, or juggled chickens. You know yer numbers and yer odds. It's rarely safe to stay in one place for too's apt to make the losin' folk a mite ornery. So, you move from game to game, and planet to planet. It's generally not the smartest idea to con the crew that protects you in the hour of need, but it's your call.

Hospital Trauma surgeon: You are the best that can be had. You have the best toys and the best resources. Life and Death is the game you play and no one does it better.

Hospital Nurse: You may not be a respectable doctor, but there's nothing in the 'verse that can intimate, short of a close look at the wrong end of a pulse cannon. And even then you might not admit it. While you're at it, you work in between for both the best interest of the patient and the doctor, not an enviable position.

Journalist: There are an awful amount of stories out there. Almost as many as the people that inhabit the 'verse. And with the people and their stories, theirs usually tales of derring-do's, corruption and the general tales of woe that capture the interest of the people. It's your job to find those stories and get the signal out. Of course, you are aware that those 'hight-minded' folk might take exception to you airing the laundry for all to see, but that's the price they pay.

Pilot: If it has wheels or wings, you can move it. Sometimes even with grace and style. The ship is an extension of yourself and it is your duty to see that she gets to where needs be moved. It isn't as easy as it sounds. There's Alliance, with all their rules and regulations, scary Reavers to keep out of range of, pirates, general traffic, landing procedures, obscure locations with no coordinates...well, you get the picture.

Preacher Man: A gentler soul, you balance a missionary outlook, with the conscientiousness of one who seeks to learn and grow. And, if by example you help others on your path, then you're honored to play some small part in the struggles of folk.

Revivalist: There's nothing in the world that is more important than bringing the Word to those poor, deprived souls. Thing is, it can be a tough place beyond the Core, so with the good book in one hand, and a pistol in the other, you are ready to face whatever comes your way.

School Teacher: The classic stereotype is just that, a classic image that falls short, except, perhaps for a few places in the Core. These are usually very smart people. On the Rim, they may be the smartest, or at least the most educated... and subsequently the most respected. Teaching my not be the only thing you do. There's all sorts of needs for someone who might have a handle on something... say matters of law, or commerce.

Scholar: There are always those who have lots of bits of information rolling around in their brain-pan. Some of it's fairly useless, some come right in handy. You can never tell, circumstances changin' as they always are. You are well aware that book-learnin' can have its limits; you aim to see it applied, or to gather more of those bits of knowledge.

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