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Core Planets

These planets were the first to be terraformed, and eventually formed the Alliance in the hopes of bringing peace and prosperity to the less fortunate outlying worlds.


A Technological paradise, comprised of tall buildings of steel and glass with holographic billboards illustrating the latest in consumer news. Ariel is known for its wonderful medical facilities. The technology is the very latest, featuring fancifications as holographic scanners among other glorified equipment. As with most of the Core worlds, Ariel is a restricted landing site. Only those with legitimate business are allowed to land. St. Lucy's Hospital is here.

  • Jupiter's Eye: A small moon, rich in minerals. The original survey showed a moon, heavy in carbon dioxide, much like Mars near the Earth-That-Was. It cast it's moving red shadow across Ariel, hence its name. It was terraformed along with Ariel, and it is a heavily industrialized moon, and is often called Ariel's little sister.


After the colonization of Londinum and Sihnon, Bernadette was the first place to be terraformed and settled. The only remaining ship that brought the founding folk, stands in the capital city of New Paris. The ark is a monstrous ship, at least five times the size of an Alliance cruiser. The ark is named the Prometheus.

Bernadette is a traditional launching point for those leaving to settle on other worlds. Settlers arrive here from the Core, the last point of civilization before launching into the Rim. Many businesses cater to these folk, selling the necessities that no one wanted to drag here aforehand.

The dark side of Bernadett is the slave trade. It's an underground organization and its all too realy. Settlers disappear and are hauled off to work on terraforming stations or mines. Most times, the settler is assumed to have died in the black.

Oddly enough, or perhaps not so odd, Bernadette is also home to a number of religious sects. Buddhists, Christians, Islamic and Hindus all rub shoulders with each other, along with a number of fringe cults.

Landing is restricted, but will usually allow visitations to the ark, or people claiming to be settlers. In both cases, business is expected to be concluded in two days.

  • Atlas: A moon bristling with stone, masons work continuously quarrying, cutting and shaping for the finest buildings in the Core worlds. Its particular specialty is finely-veined marble, crafted to display wonderous patterning.


Of all the planets, Londinum is the most like Earth-that-Was and accordingly was one of the first two planets settled. Most of the colonials were Eastern European and American. They take their heritage seriously and try to blend it in with their new lives. As such, buildings may be made of the most modern materials, but it will still be used in archaic designs. There are some that call the architecture, “Imperial Gothic.”

Londinium is aften chosen for political discussions and debates. The Parliamentary buildings are known for it secruty and its neutrality. The Alliance Intelligence Agency is located here, as are a number of governmental departments.

Aside from politics, Londinum also houses many of the known ancient works of art, which they brought from Earth-That-Was.

Access to Londinum is severely restricted. Visitors may arrive only in special shuttles found on other Core planets. Only when the security procedures have checked out, may the shuttle be allowed to land.

  • Xigaze: A small moon, it is known for its vast estates and its industry in proprietary computer systems. It is heavily guarded, and only those with the requisite entry codes.


Here is the heart of the judicial branch of the Alliance. The Supreme Court resides here. Decisions made here have ramifications throughout the 'verse. The Court is housed in a large pyramid, honoring the Egyptian God for which the planet was named. Since the most important of the law agencies are here, so are the greatest, or the most successful of the law firms.

The University of Osiris boasts the most prestigious law school in the Core, as well as the most innovative and superb medical schools and facilitiesl.

The corporate offices of the Blue Sun Corporations is located here. Originally on Sihnon, the were recently moved into a massive structure that is attached to a combined manufacturing plant, distribution center and spacedock. The corporation is off-limit to all except employees. No one enters without a serious background check.

  • Bosun's Nest: A moon with oceans that cover over 80% of the surface. Naturally, the primary industry is fishing, and plankton harvesting. The few land masses are teeming with fisheries, ports and landing pads that are rarely at rest.
  • Angelina: A pretty moon, with a heavy textile industry. The silks and fabrics are renowned throughout the 'Verse. The finest weavers are said to have commissions reaching years in advanced.
  • Jisha-Anwei: The smallest of Osiris' moons, it houses many universities and private colleges. They boast the finest libraries and their centers of learning are vast.


Shinon is known for its beauty. At night, the it is said to be and ocean of light.

Here is the heart of the Buddist religion, a fact made obvious by the many monasteries and temples located here. Those seeking to learn more about Buddhism travel here to study.

Sihnon is also the central planet for the Guilds, all of which either have their headquarters here or maintain a significant presence. Disputes are conducted by registerd arbitration houses. The city of Chang'Pei is given over to trade administration, making it the largest civil bureaucracy in the 'Verse.

Penalties for bribes, taking or giving are harsh, but that doesn't stop some folk. Still, you might have to answer to the Officers of the Sihnon Trade Commission. They know that can't stop corruption, but they still take their work very seriously. And, they are very well trained in combat, interrogation, as well as espionage and accounting.

The capital of Sihnon is Lu'Weng. Local legend says that Lu'Weng was once a fire-breathing dragon that fell from the sky and was bound to the planet with ribbons. It nicely explains the prevalence of hot springs, and every home traditionally has a silken awning or a curtain across the door to keep the dragon bound. The city is the largest producers of silk in the system. Raw sil is farmed all over the planet and then sent to Lu'Weng, where it is refined and bolted or made into beautiful clothing that never falls out of favor with the rich thoughtout the system.

Landing here is restricted, but there is so much heavy traffic that regular or frequent visitors are often issued passes. Such passes aren't hard to get, nor are they hard to forge.

  • Merrie: This moon was found to have fertile fields. It made Merry perfect for the vineyards and herb fields that abound throughout the lands. Even within the heart of the cities, private wineries and breweries can be found.
  • Cavally: Most of the surface of this moon is covered in dense forests. The vast canopies houses the richest variety of wildlife from Earth-That-Was, preserved as almost a sacred duty.
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