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Rim Planets

These are the planets which were terraformed after the Central Planets.    As such, they are less developed and often untamed.  The comforts of the Core Planets don’t exist here, though you might find the occasional technological cast-off here and there.  It just costs far too much to ship much of what is available, so the people have learned to do without.  They ride horseback, use tools of archaice design, and participate in lives that use little or no electricity or batteries.

This makes some people enjoy the open skies and value hard work.  In their own way, they are as proud as their Core counterparts, looking down at those “soft” folks.

The Alliance's hold is much looser here.  They might come to the aid of a person, or a town...or they might not.  Folk can’t count on help coming, so they are accustomed to taking care of themselves and their own.  Frontier-folk are often armed and ready to use the weapons if they see a powerful need.

The lack of government interference has made the Rim a haven for outlaws, outcasts, the dispossessed and those who came to have a mite more room .  The opportunities are there, which some are starting to figure out.

Each world has a governor and each moon has a magistrate.  As long as the general peace is kept and all the paperwork is stamped and filed, they are left to do as they please, as far as the Alliance is concerned.  Like everywhere in the ‘verse, some are good and some are corrupt.


Located in the Burnham sector, Athens is a tempermental planet with constantly shifting weather patterns and frequent high winds. Certain crops thrive here and the most beautiful marble is quarried on this planet.

Athens was one of the few outer planets that supported Unification and was one of the first targets to be captured by the Independents. Reacquiring the planet was one of the priorities of the Alliance, but resistance held strong. It wasn't until the Alliance destroyed several of the main cities with bombs that they drove enough of the Browncoats out and reclaimed the planet. Eventually the Alliance allowed for legal salvage operations for those wishing to resettle the urban areas.

  • Silverhold: This moon was vehemently settled when large silver deposits were discovered. Unfortunately, within a few scant years, the depositis dried up and most of the cities were abandoned. Now, all that's there are a number of small cities and villages living on a subsistance-level existance.
  • Onway: A large population of the people on this moon are of Asian decent. The high mountains which cover the surface are difficult to travail and thus, the settlements are few and far between. The people live much as the Nepalese have, and most follow a Hindu or Buddhist tradition. They are a welcoming people, and many of the Core temple's adherent come here for deep meditation, removing themselves from society.
  • Taiyang: A moon with severe weather patterns, the seasonal monsoons make this a difficult place to live. Each season, the northern snows melt and the monsoons distribute loess and silt along several tributaries. The loess and silt are so rich in nutrients and minerals, the populations have settled along the overflowing rivers and work to export the products to farms and agricultural enclaves throughout the system. They boast that farming yields almost double in volume with their products.
  • Whitefall: The fourth moon of Athens.  A large percentage is owned by a woman named Patience, who is not particularly known for her sense of humor and rules this world with an iron fist.  While it is said to not be civilization “in the strictest sense” it is rumored that a Blue Sun facility has an underground facility in one of the mountains.


A small planet with extensive farming lands, often used for smuggling rendevous.  Mal’s war buddy, Monty, was caught by the Alliance here.  Permanent cloud cover and dense ice rings are indicative of the atmosphere. It is often used for recycling and garbage warehousing by the central planets. And what was chaff to the Central planets is often enough gold to those on the Rim and soon entrepreneurial prospecters began profitable dealings in secondhand goods. Almost anything can be found here, used parts, moderately obsolete materials, even old Fireflies.

  • Three Hills: The moon was established by the primary settlement whose only significant geological feature were the three hills surrounding. The people here follow a Celtic tradition and are distinguished by the woad tattoos on their faces and arms.
  • Caspia: This moon was named by largely soviet and baltic peoples. The ruling local bodies have adapted to encompass a Monarchy before the Unification War. In the interests of preserving their lifestyles, Caspians sided with the Independents. Alliance forces targeted Caspia heavily and the population suffered mightily. Currently, the local peoples have grudgingly accepting Alliance influence, but they bear no love for it.
  • Styx: This moon was initially called Ursa. Unfortunately, it bears more than its share of "oddities" in flora and fauna, due to the terraforming efforts. Early settlement perished due to various illnesses and diseases that adapted to the crops introduced to the world. Advances in medicine have largely overcome the problems, but few are willing to risk settling here.
  • Valhalla: This moon is argueably the most ill-named of the moons. the terrain varies from lowland swamps to highland crags. A variety of industries compete for the resources and that competition has led to ruthless business practices, including rival gang wars and mob activities. The moon has the highest mortality rate, amongst lawmen, in the system.


  • Coleridge: Terrain on this moon ranges from marshlands and bayous to wetlands and swamps. The topology consists of about 80% water.
  • Lowther:


  • Muir:
  • Dresden:
  • Kaiyang:


A Gas giant unusual in that it has only two moons, for such a large body.

  • Ezra: A planet orbiting the gas giant, Georgia, it's a planet going through considerable changes. Ezra started out as a planet largely filled with farmers and ranchers. Toward the end of the Unification war, the planet's representative died unexpectantly, throwing the planet into a virtual civil war as various factions vied in the power struggles. Confusing the situation further, hordes of refugees and former soldiers from both sides flooded the small central towns. Jobs grew scarce, unemployment rose and the economy was destroyed. Crime rose and criminal organizations rose to power when the local law officials failed to keep it in check.

    One crimelord in particular, Adelei Niska, moved his skyplex into Ezra's orbit and assumed control. Using bribes, extortion and threats, he maintains his powerbase, somewhat covered by legitimate business organizations. As of yet, the Alliance hasn't been able to conclude what to do with the situation, as they'd need someone to deal with Niska; thus far, no one has been willing to take on the task.

    Farming and ranching is still common professions, and Niska has given more jobs to people than not. Nevertheless, despite the largely stable economy, the law of the land is the strongest survive. If you can't defend what you have, you lose it. That applies to people as well as property, since slavers make many of their business contracts here. As such, Ezra is a place for almost unlimited opportunity, whether they enjoy the particular opportunities is up to the individuals.

  • Regina: A moon orbiting the gas giant along with Ezra. It is a mining moon, where everyone is suffering from “Bowden’s malady,” a degenerative disease.


A world with a large tropical belt, with massive jungles and forests. These are harvested with a multitude of species of plants with medicinal properties. As a result, many pharmaceutical companies have set up laboratories on Greenleaf. Also, as a result, there is a fringe population that takes some of the plants to grow privately for the black market. This is a dangerous occupations since the drug companies began inserting traceable genetic markers to stop the illegal trade. This has been only nominally successful due to the fact that there are untold places for cartels to hide within the jungles. To compensate, the Alliance has clamped down on landing restrictions, though if you have the necessary knowledge of the jungles one can always slip through.

It is ten hours away from Jiangyin.

  • Ferris:


A small mining moon, Haven is home to independent miners who thus far have refused to be shoved off. No large ore deposits have been found, but there has been enough moderate success to keep the residents hopeful. Occasionally, the citizens will discover someone working for one of the various Mining Consortiums and expel them, a little the worse for wear, with the message to "stay away." Recently, the communities have pooled together to purchase and install a surface-to-air cannon near the largest of the mining facilities in order to discourage unwanted guests.

It was the home of Shepard Book and is a refuge for many a person of dubious employment.

  • Harvest: A small moon, orginially called Shitou. It has an erratic climate due to its extreme axial tilt, but manages to make enough produce to suuport those on Haven. There are about six "major" settlements here, none more that 500 people.
  • Constance: Due to its thin armospere, and outermost orbit, this moon had several observatories built for scientific purposes. Even greater strides were made in planetary sciences until a short while ago, when all transmissions have ceased.


An enormous gas giant with several inhabitable planets.

  • Higgin's Moon: A small moon won in a card game to a man named Higgins. It was considered a dubious winning, since the moon had no useful resources or agricultural promise. Still, Higgin's established himself and was justified a few years later when it was discovered that the abundant clay was rich in minerals. If chemically treated and fired, it created a ceramic that was ten times stronger than steal and a fraction of the weight. With this, they established their primary industry: mud.
  • Canton is the main company town, with over two thousand workers, largely slaves or indentured, known as "Mudders." Higgins descendent, the currant Magistrate rules through intimidation and fear, almost uniformly hated by the population. Crimes are dealt with three possible punishments; long-term hard-labot, imprisonment, or death by quartering.

    The Mudders maintain hope even in the face or a momumentally dismal life: they sing songs of a hero who has twice defied the magistrate: Jayne Cobb. The Hero of Canton, it is believed, will one day come back to free them. Until then, they have one unlikely ally: the magistrate's son, Fess. Fess is currently working quietly to reverse or eliminate some of his father's regulations and procedures.

  • Triumph: It is a moon orbiting around the gas giant, Heinlein. A primitive and poor border moon, apparently self-governed with rather unusual customs and traditions.  The people that came here have done so with the intent to have nothing to do with the modern life found in the Central Planets, or even the Border worlds. The settlers lives as did the Amish of Earth-That-Was, with few excepts such as the occasional commstat equipment.
  • Thugs and bandits find the settlements easy pickings, since the majority of the people are pacifists. If the problem grows to be too heavy a burden, the people will occasionally contract with mercenaries to cull back the bandits and thugs. Elder Bomman is the leader of the settlers.




A small planet suitable for ranching, foresting and not much else. The world is abundant with small towns that operate largely independent. Since it has little else to offer, the Alliance ignores the planet, rarely even patrolling the area. There is no central government; each town regulates itself. It is considered backward and primitive and it's people are desperate for even the basic of necessities, such as medical attention. The people live simply, mostly apart from the "civilized" areas. The hill folk are superstitious and uneducated, easy prey for charlatans.

  • Ita:
  • Darwin:


A border world whose name is a sad misnomer for the world enjoys, if such is the word, a very hot climate seriously lacking in water. What farming that exists serves only to keep the population alive; the yields are never enough for exportation. There is a narrow equitorial belt that provides the closest thing to steady rain.

To make matters worse, the planet is rather close to Reaver territory. The population is ever fearful of an attack, believing it is just a matter of time before they are destroyed. In the belief that it would help, most of the small towns have contracted for private security in case of an attack. The payroll is delivered regularly to one of the local banks. Still, even with the proximity to the Reavers, they have little problems, not even justifying a fortified defense.

  • Vesselside:
  • Solace:

Miranda: Quarantined

The name of a planet located beyond Reaver territory.  It was home to a colony of 30 million people.  The alliance conducted chemical experiements on the populace to find a way to make people more controllable.  However, the experiments failds:  99.9 % of the population became so passive that they essentially lost the will to live.  The opposite iffect was observed in the remaining .1% who became extremely aggressive and butchered the Alliance scientists in charge of the experiments.  This tenth of a percent escaped and became the Reavers.  The Alliance covered up the incident so well, that only a few even know of the planet’s existence.


A planet of broad horizons, it was said that one could look out so far that a man could see God's plan. All that is left is a charred and blackened rock. Before the Unification war, Shadow was known for it's wide, fertile plains, grain farms and cattle ranching. Few towns dotted the landscapes. Some of those towns were large, but none could be called a city. The people were hard-working and independent-minded and Shadow was one of the first to join the side of the Independents. Most of the able-bodied volunteered early in the war.

The Alliance sought to make an example of Shadow, bombing the towns and countryside. Instead of causeing a wavering in their belief, it only served to hardent the resolve of those who fought, and increased their hatred of the Alliance. Today, despite the terriforming being done to "heal" the land, Shadow is a ghost planet. No one lives there. No one can.

St. Albans

An icy world, it is one of the coldest in the 'verse. It consists almost entirely of mountains and it snows almost continually. The entire terrain is covered in ice floes and drifts, even during high summer, and it is extraordinarily hazardous to travel.

The people here, of a necessity, or extremely hardy. The principal work is mining the rich mineral deposits deep inside the mountains. The Consortium has declared the effort of taking the ore as considerably less that cost-efficient. Thus, independent groups work together in their claims and prospect what they can. Each community is isolated and self-sufficient and as a result, they've built strong ties amongst themselves. If you offend one, you offend them all. Fortunately, the reverse is true; if you make a friend of one, you've made a friend of all. This is Tracey’s home planet, and it islocated about 2 days from the Space Bazaar Sky Plex.  A federal station is located nearby.

IMC: The orbit of St. Albans is such that every five years it moves a bit closer to the sun. Not much, but enough to cause major temperature changes resulting in flash flooding and massive ice movement and avalanches.

  • Pallas:
  • Mariner:


  • Rosetta:
  • Chuantao:
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