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Serendipity Specs

The Firefly-class ship is an interplanetary one. It was originally built as a medium range cargoe vessel. Over the years, due to its flexible design, it was modified and adjusted by captains and engineers for a variety of purposes. This has resulted in a vessel suitable for a variety of tasks.

Dimensions and Weights

Length:    195'
Breadth: 125'
Height: 65'
Tonnage: 6,000 tons
Speed: Mach 5 (cruise)/ 7 (Hard Burn)
Fuel Capacity: 125 tons (800 hours)
Cargo Capacity: 4-ton bomb bay; 8 tons of external weapons
Cargo Capacity: 300 tons
Passenger Capacity: 2 singles, 2 doubles

Performance and Power Plants

Powered by two wing-mounted Smith & Davis SD-2595 (95,000 lbs) turbofan and solar induction engines.

The Maximum airspeed is mach 2 (1484 mph) at 1000 meters EBSE (Earth-Based Sea Level). It can reach a maximum of Mach 30 (22270 mph) at 100,000 meters (62 miles) EBSE.

During the transitional phase from atmosphere to orbital flight, the fan blades rotate to collect photons omitted by a solar source to feed the engines, keeping the relative thrust ratio comparable to it's atmospheric rating. The turbofans produces a reaction strong enough to propel the ship to 642,738 kph (400,000 mph) taking it approximately 16 days to travel 1 AU. The AU, or Astronomical Unit, is the distance from the Earth to the Sun, or about 149,597,871 kilometers.

Although very reliable, this reaction drive produces large volumes of plasma which is as hot as the surface of a star.


The maneuvering of the ship is handled in two different ways. In atmosphere, she had slaps and ailerons that work in conjunction with the pitch of the side engines controlling her direction. In the black, she uses an RCS (Reaction Control System) consisting of Hydrazine fueled thrusters that work in a countered measure. For example, if she were to turn nose up, thrusters on the back rear would fire upwards and thrusters of the front now would fire downward pushing the tail down and the nose up. Variations on this, tied into the side engines pitch, produce all her movement in space. For landing her side, engines rotate vertical and vents on the front of the engine open to allow the engine to "breathe" as she hovers.


The Firefly class ship's gravity comes from a rotating ring just aft of the ship's midsection. It produces a gravity field using a physics principal that also acts as a momentum dampener to allow passengers more freedom of movement during all phases of flight.

A privately-owned vessel widely used as a personal transport ship, generally of the independently wealthy. It is a mid-size ship, considered modest by those who own such luxuries. Amenities include a loft area for intimate meetings, a rec room with exercise mats, punching bag, and a full set of weights. The galley is the standard kitchen/dining area—albeit a bit more luxurious. At the end of the room, there is a large Cortex access terminal taking up an entire wall. The ceiling has four enormous skylights, allowing for an excellent view of the black. The infirmary is rather small and is suited to short-term care only.

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