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Note: The department heads below are for the hosts to direct. If any of the above roster fills a department position, it will supercede anyone listed here.

First Mate: Jerome Stanton

From a long line of military officers, he is Core, born and bred. What he did to be assigned on the Rim is something of a mystery. As an officer, he's patient, philosophic, with a dry sense of humor.

Security Officer: Xiao Bey

Competent, intelligent, aggressive and outspoken. Rumors are that she is Tong raised. Whatever the truth, she excels in hand to hand combat, even going so far as to win the Ms. Olympic Warrior on Paquin three years running.

Medical Officer: Dr. Anton Vilasic

His life-long work is to negate the mass reactions to the various terraforming effect on planets. His warm, comforting manner, perfect for a family physician, is offset by his need to run lots and lots of tests to do his job correctly.

Medical: Dr. Peyton Kinney--Surgeon

Not a terribly empathetic surgeon; he is more concerned about results. He gives his recommendations and figures it's up to the patients to do the right thing and listen to him. While he is professional at his work, on his off hours, he is known eat, drink, and cast a roving eye on the ladies.

Chief Engineer: Mandahar deWinter

Belied by his name, he's quick to anger, quick to forgive. If he goes icy, it's for a long time.

Fusion and fission power is his specialty, physics is his passion.

Engineering: Julien Kowalski--Electronics Specialty

Short and portly, he's genial and self-effacing. Comes from a long line of laborers and commoners. He is tolerant about most people and is proud of his family. His claim is that "For generations, every successful endeavor has had at least one Kowalski."

Engineering: Cherize Yu--Mechanical Engineering

A bit of a stick-in-the-mud as far as regulations go. She loves her machines and would rather spend time talking to them than with people. After all, people are too predictable. She's fairly naive regarding people, but she can do catastrophic reconstruction matrices in her head.

Engineering: Jin Wei--Environmental Ops.

Absent-minded and very finick about how his department runs. He can't be a total workaholic. He does have a wife and five children.

Customs: Marc Barnett

He learned to speak, albeit badly, a dozen languages just to process the paperwork for the traffic through the station. It's a way point for more than a few settlers and he's had to deal with more than most stations. Endlessly patient, he's always concerned with something or someone slipping past his guard. Conscientious, to a fault.

Postmaster: Harley Grimes

Large and beefy and not above letting a few dollars slip into his pocket. Or so the rumor goes. If so, he does draw the line at truly felonious acts and has been known to have a sympathetic spot for the Independents, which has caused him no small amount of grief on the planet.

Itinerant Magistrate: Judge Oded Abrahim

Not considered as tough as the other two judges, his docket is frequently filled when he arrives. He's known for preferring restitution through service over prison sentences.

Itinerant Magistrate: Patricia Brighton

Harsh, but fair, she favors no one. She works at the image of cold impartiality to avoid any implication of compromise. This makes her social life extremely limited.

Itinerant Magistrate: Charles Laughton

Served in the Alliance for most of his career, the latter half in the legal division. He lost a leg during the war. It's now a wired prosthetic and his recovery led to continue his legal career, culminating to a judge position. He's known to have quite a few friends and contacts in both the social and military aspect of the Alliance.

Federal Marshall: Reese Ridley

She loves the challenge and skills required to do her work. Realizing that many of the wanted flee to the Rim, she's established permanent residency on the station to ease her travels to the far-flung planets; the better to find her targets. She has a reputation for bringing in her targets alive rather than not.

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