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Space Station Tiryns: Specs

Tiryns Specifications

Length: 1500'
Diameter: 400'
Number of Decks: 90
Mass: 20,000 cubic tons
Crew Capacity: 2500
Civilan Capacity: 850
Docking Arms: Capacity for 12, up to Large Transport and Alliance
Fighters: 30 Darren-class skiffs
Power: Fission Reactor core. Supplemented by Solar Arrays.
Defense: 20 railguns, Heppler Design.
Rotation: 24 hours (ETW)

Command Section:

  • Command & Control
  • Navigation
  • Security

Federal Offices:

  • Post Office
  • Itinerant Magistrates
  • Federal Marshall Office


  • General Practice Suites
  • Surgical Units
  • Dentistry suite
  • Outpatient Services
  • Isolation chambers


  • Electronics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Fluid Systems Control
  • Environmental Operations
  • Waste Management Systems


  • Public Gardens
  • Vegetable Gardens (Restricted)

Solar Arrays: 12 (Non-Rotating)
Labs/Private Units: 36 Designable Units (Jettisonable)

   Tiryns - Overall
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Tiryns - Breakdown
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Deck Layout

Note, this is a general overview. Reassignments likely.

Each deck will have several similar features that I will not repeatedly list.

Namely: Fabrication; Water Tanks; Suit Storage; Inertial Dampeners Aux; Emergency Escape Pods; Mechanical Rooms; Station thrusters pods; Gasses; Life Support Aux.; Batteries; Pumps; Lockers and Storage; Stowage; Spine Separation Connections; Janitorial; Waste Processing

Command Module:
Deck    Description
1 Satellite Array; Transmission/Receiving
2 Radio Telemetry; Communications Main Boards
3 C & C; Emergency Life Support; Suit Storage; Stairs "A"(2)
Office, Commanding Officer (CO)
Office, Executive Officer (XO)
Conference Room; Offices (2), Visiting VIP's only; Kitchen; Mess; Restrooms; Lounge, Officers.
4 Mechanical room; Water tanks; Yeoman offices; Stairs "A"(2); Computer Server (1st backup)
5 Offices, Chief of Operations; Station Administration; Computing services; Stairs "A"(2); Stairs "A"(2)
6 Armory; Brig (20 cells); Office, Security; Office, Surveillance; Combat Training Room; Locker Room; Cells, Security, Isolation / Decontamination; Stowage.
Deck    Description
7 Quarters, Commanding Officer (CO)
Chief of Operations (COO)
Chief of Engineering (CE)
Chief Medical Officer (CMO)
Chief of Science (CSO)
Chief of Communication (COC)
Chief of Station Services (COS)
chief of Personnel (CP)
Mechanical; Water Tanks; Escape Pods; Lounge; Stairs "A"; Stairs "B"; Recreational Room; VIP Suites.
8 Quarters, ACO; ACOO, ACE; ACMO; ACSO; ACOC; ACOS; ACP Quarters, Chief of Sanitation; Quartermaster; Chief of Recreation and Crafts; Food Services; Medical Staff. Stairs "B"(2)
9 Quarters, Computer Division, Navigation and Helm; Environmental Engineering. Stairs "B"(2)
10 Quarters, Legal Services Division; Archives and Records; Cultural Science Division; Gunnery crew; Security Crew. Stairs "B" (2)
11-15 Crew Lounges, Staff Quarters, Mess, Quarters, empty. Recreation Center, Firing Range; Ball Courts.
17-28 Civilian Housing; Stairs "C" (4)
chán jù:
These levels are the most changeable, depending on availability.
Deck    Description
29-30 Bank; Bars; Brothels; Hostels; Cafes; Casinos; General Stores; Guild Offices: Companion's, Miner's, Printer's, Merchant; Dockworkers; Teamsters; Stairs "C" (4)
30-31 Hardware Shops; Hotels; Market Stalls; Pharmacies; Port Authority Office, Library (places with public Cortex access); Repair Shops (for small items, ships repaired at docking areas); Stairs "C" (4)
32-33 Restaurants; Saloons; School; Station (Town) Hall; Temples and Churches; Theatre/Cinema; Bakeries; Auction House/Pawn Shop; Rickshaw Rentals; Stairs "C" (4)
Federal Offices:
Deck    Description
34 Postal Office; Postmaster offices; Postal Storage; Stairs "C" (4)
35 Federal Marshall offices; Marshall quarters (10); Courthouse
36 Aux. Brig; Stairs "C" (4)
Deck    Description
37-40 Fission Reactor; Engineering Command; Offices; Waste Management;
41 Mechanical Central; Fighter Bays (From Array).
42 Electrical Controls; Water Treatment; Environmental Controls;
43 Computer Server (3rd backup)
Deck    Description
43-46 Reflecting Pool; Environmental Controls; Botanical gardens; Botany
Lab; Hydroponics Garden; Stairs "C" (4)
Deck    Description
47 Computer Core (2nd Backup); Baths; Medical Ward, ICU; Ward Nurse Station; Surgical Scrub Room; Operating Room (3); Office, CMO; Medical Chief Lab; chief Nurse Lab; Medical Chief Medical Support; Convalescent Ward; Medical Recovery Room.; Stairs "C" (4)
48 Medical, Obstetrics; Waiting Room; Reception; Offices, on-duty Physicians (5); Medical Recovery Rooms (4), Medical; Stairs "C" (4); Isolation/Decontamination; Mess hall; Kitchen
49 Dental Examination Room (5); Office, Dentists (2); Medical Stores.
50 Labs, Microbiology; Chemistry; Forensics; Morgue. Computer Core (4th Backup). Stairs "C" (4)
51 Offices, Psychology; Cultural Science Division. Stowage; Stairs "C" (4)
Deck    Description
53-70 Personal rentals; Furniture; Equipment; Station Stores; Stairs "C" (4)
Organic and Physical Chemistry; Astrophysics; Computer Core-Research; Library/Lounge; Computing Labs; Robotics; Geology/Minerology
   Tiryns - Wire Frame
Click here for a larger image.
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